Auraria and DU protests, city council pay hike, Rocky Mtn Greenway, fake electors, new wolf attacks, A-Basin

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DU Demonstrations 

Ten people are facing charges after occupying part of a building on the Auraria campus in Denver.

The occupation of a restricted area by pro-Palestinian demonstrators began just after 4pm yesterday, and led campus authorities to place the campus on lockdown for about an hour, according to Fox31.

Auraria officials said in a statement that while some of the demonstrators left peacefully and continued their protests outside, ten stayed in the building.  While authorities did not make any arrests, they have charged those who stayed behind with trespassing, interference, and disturbing the peace.

The Auraria campus has been the site of demonstrations against the war in Gaza for nearly three weeks.

Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the University of Denver campus say they intend to stay at their encampment where they set up more than two dozen tents last week more than there until administrators meet their demands.

The DU students set up an encampment of more than two dozen tents last week, according to CBS News.

Their demands include the disclosure of any financial ties the university has to Israel. KGNU’s Steve Miller has more.

Members of the student group “DU for Palestine” met with administrators on Sunday. They said afterward that the meeting didn’t accomplish anything. Fox31 says that a second meeting has been agreed to, but no date has been set.

Unlike at the Auraria campus, where a pro-Palestinian encampment has been in violation of campus rules, camping is allowed on the DU campus, provided everything remains peaceful.

Some protestors, however, said that on Saturday night authorities threatened a sweep, and said arrests could happen if they didn’t comply with requests. According to one student, that meant everyone at the camp had to show identification.

In a statement to the media, the university denied having threatened a sweep. But they conceded that students were asked to show IDs. They said by checking IDs, they could verify that everyone at the encampment was a DU student. They said they wanted to remind students of the need to follow university policy.

Auraria statement

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Boulder Council Pay Raise?

Voters in Boulder may be able to decide whether to give city council members a raise, later this year.

The City Council told city officials last week to draft a ballot measure to raise council member pay, and put the question on the fall ballot. The objective, according to Boulder Reporting Lab, is to get people from a broader socioeconomic background to serve on the council.

Council membership is not a full-time job, and members make about a thousand dollars a month, plus benefits. That can average out to below the minimum wage, so people can only be on the Council if they can afford to.

Voters in Fort Collins passed a measure two years ago that raised city council pay to 50% the area median income. Nothing has been decided in Boulder, but they could use the same formula, according to Boulder Reporting Lab.

Boulder City Council is expected to take an initial vote on how to craft the idea in July.

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Boulder County Commissioners Review Greenway Project

Boulder County Commissioners will meet next week to review plans for possible participation in the Rocky Mountain Greenway Project. Regional planners proposed the multi-use trail connecting Broomfield and Boulder via Rocky Flats in 2016.. 

The Greenway, a sprawling site south of Boulder was once home to a nuclear weapons plant. Even though its now a wildlife refuge, its opponents say it’s too dangerous for the trail. The route runs through  a portion of the refuge that was not part of a federal cleanup. the remediated, cleaned up, area.

 The Commissioners meeting is Thursday, May 23rd, at 2:30pm. The meeting is closed to public comment. More information can be found on the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center website.

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

Commissioners agenda

Rocky Mountain Greenway Extension

Fake Elector Bills

Colorado legislators passed a variety of bills highlighting voter protection and access for the upcoming 2024 State elections.

State lawmakers have sent a series of election integrity bills  to Gov. Jared Polis to sign.

The measures include House Bill 1147, which requires Colorado candidates to disclose any use of Artificial Intelligence in their campaigns, according to Colorado Newsline. This includes content such as AI voices or images meant to represent candidates, commonly known as deep fakes. The governor has not yet signed this bill.

House Bill 1150 makes it illegal to serve as a fake elector, and disqualifies anyone those convicted of being a fake elector –  from holding a public office in Colorado. Anyone convicted of contributing to a fake elector scheme is subject to a fine of up to $10,000. The governor has already signed this bill into law..

Senate Bill 72, requires county sheriffs to make sure people who are behind bars but still eligible to vote, have the opportunity to do so. This bill is not yet signed, but if it is, it would be the first of its kind in the United States.

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New Wolf Attack

State wildlife officials have confirmed another wolf attack on livestock in Grand County.

This most recent attack happened on Saturday, according to 9News. A cow was killed at the same ranch where four yearling cattle deaths were reported in April.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials added Saturday’s incident to their list of confirmed wolf attacks.

At least some of the Grand County attacks were from gray wolves reintroduced to Colorado last December.

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A-Basin Open Until June 

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area has announced that it will remain open until June, following the 10 inches of new snow received on Sunday.

After June first, operations will be assessed on a week by week basis according to the Denver Post.

A-Basin is usually the last Colorado Ski Area to close for the season. Five years ago it stayed open until July 4th.

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