ART Talk: George Lange

George Lange is an internationally known photographer celebrated for his energetic and joyful photography. He was the first artist in residency at Facebook and Instagram.

He shares his experiences working with Annie Liebowitz, and his advices for today’s young photographers. He also describes his upcoming exhibition “Portrait of a Reputation ” at MCA in Denver opening in September about the extraordinary work of his dear friend and Boulder native, Francesca Woodman.

“I don’t want to live in the world of ‘good enough’ …. I want everything to be extraordinary. And I don’t want to recycle yesterday’s extraordinary …. I want to know the extraordinary waiting for me today” — George Lange

Images courtesy of George Lange.

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ART Talk
Artists in Boulder are often challenged by a competitive and not so supportive environment. In an effort to bring greater awareness for the arts in Boulder and strengthen and celebrate our own art community, we are working on a radio series called “A R T Talk”. It is hosted by one of Boulder’s long time art curators, Susan Knickle and is produced by Yukari Miyamae.

ART Talk shares “shop talk” by artists, local and beyond. Susan encourages lively interchanges between artists about techniques, approaches, and their mediums and concepts along with their experiences with the arts in their community. We are currently planning a series of six interviews with unique and local artists who work in many mediums (i.e sculptors, jewelers, ceramicists, painters, installation artists, etc.) some of whom literally travel to the ends of the earth seeking creative experiences.

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    ART Talk: George Lange kgnu

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