Are You Tipping Enough?

How much should you really tip when you dine out? What’s fair to you and the server? Radio Nibbles host John Lehndorff talked with writer Kate Jonuska about her recent Boulder Weekly feature on the highly contentious issue of tipping and paying a living wage post-Covid at Boulder restaurants. Read Kate’s story here. John talked about today’s publication of the Boulder Weekly’sBest of Boulder” section food awards and Kate shared the best thing she’s tasted lately, everything at Ras Kassa’s Ethiopian Restaurant in Lafayette.


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    Are You Tipping Enough? Alexis Kenyon


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Join John May 4 for Kitchen Table Talk co-hosted by chef Dan Asher. It WILL make you hungry. 🙂


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    Are You Tipping Enough? Alexis Kenyon

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Alexis Kenyon

Alexis Kenyon is an experienced radio reporter with more than 15 years of experience creating compelling, sound-rich radio stories for news outlets across the country. Kenyon has master's degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism in radio broadcast and photojournalism. She has worked in KGNU's news department since 2021 as a reporter, editor, and daily news producer. In all her work, she strives to produce thought-provoking, trustworthy journalism that makes other people's stories feel personal. In addition to audio production, Kenyon runs KGNU's news internship program and oversees the department's digital engagement.

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