Afterhours at the Radio Bookclub: Ted Conover

Author Ted Conover speaks more about living in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Ted joined the Radio Bookclub for a conversation in front of a live audience at the Boulder Bookstore on November 2. In this podcast-only episode of the Radio Bookclub, Ted answers questions from the audience.

Listen to the broadcast interview with Ted Conover where he talks about his new book Cheap Land Colorado: Off-Gridders at America’s Edge. That interview was broadcast on KGNU on Thursday, November 24 at 9 am.

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    Afterhours at the Radio Bookclub: Ted Conover KGNU News

Subscribe to our Radio Book Club Series on iTunes to get new editions and web-only content. Also on Spotify and Stitcher. The Radio Bookclub is a collaboration between KGNU and the Boulder Bookstore. Every month, Arsen Kashkashian, head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore, selects a book to inspire listeners to read along together. The author will then join us for a discussion that airs on the fourth Thursday of every month at 9 am.



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