A Time to Learn: Reflections on lives lost in the Vietnam War

The Perry family. From left to right (top row): Denny, Greg, Steven. On the bottom row, Ginger Perry sits in-between two cousins. Two family members sit in the background. Photo Courtesy of Ginger Perry.

In honor of Memorial Day, KGNU is re-airing a program by DJ Ginger Perry. Ginger’s brother, Stephen Tucker Perry, died in 1969 at age 23. He was shot coming out of a helicopter in the Vietnam War.

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Close to 60,000 American soldiers died in Vietnam. A personal tragedy for so many families and friends. Though the war ended long ago, the grief endures, touching countless lives. On this special program, KGNU DJ Ginger Perry share memories of my brother Steve who was killed in his first week in action in May of 1969, at age 23. Tim and Mollie O’Brien also share memories of their brother who died in Vietnam in March 1968. With these stories, Perry and the O’Briens hope to humanize the personal loss of so many family members and friends.
Produced originally in 2013 by Ginger Perry with help from Sam Fuqua.




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