5 Years After Honduras Coup

Host: Cecelia Kluding


The Detroit Water and Sewage Department moved with a plan to shut off the water of over half of its 300,000 customers whose accounts are overdue by over $150 or 60 days. Water prices are  high in Detroit – for a family of four the average cost is $150 per month when the median income is around $25,000.  I spoke with Lila Cabill who addressed the closing ceremony at this month’s Allied Media Forum that took place in Detroit earlier this month about what the impacts of this move to the residents have been and will be.


The five-year anniversary of the military coup that ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was on the 28th and the KGNUs Early Morning News Team is on location to bring us a report.  Mobilizations took place that protested the 2013 contested presidential elections, political assassinations, land grabs, charter cities, lack of education and social programs, military and police violence, the illegal extraction of natural resources, and especially escalating incidents of human rights violations.  KGNU traveled to the southern part of the country to speak with communities that are threatened by international mining corporations and to others that are threatened by international corporations that want to develop their land for tourist projects.





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