Day: March 31, 2014

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A State Constitutional Amendment for Local Control

-by Maeve Conran. On Friday February 21st, a coalition of groups calling itself Local Control Colorado submitted language to the Colorado Legislative Services for a constitutional amendment to give local communities in Colorado control over  whether to allow  fracking in their communities. KGNU's Maeve Conran spoke with Kaye Fissinger of Local Control […]

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Tracing the Source of Methane in our Drinking Water

Flaming water faucets were infamously exposed in the documentaries Gasland and Gasland 2. The water isn’t catching fire–methane in the water is. People are deeply concerned that methane, dredged from kilometers down, is leaking into our drinking water supplies through poorly constructed and maintained oil and gas wells, but methane can be […]

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Mascot Madness

As March Madness heats up, consider that most of the cherished real-life basketball team mascots are at risk. A new report from the National Wildlife Federation details how these species are really struggling to adapt to current environmental conditions – air pollution, waterways filled with mercury, rising sea levels and droughts. For example, in […]

todayMarch 31, 2014

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Shared Skies

Shared Skies, an exhibit by Kim Abeles of digital prints of sky photographs taken by people from throughout the world, will be on display at the Art-Science Gallery in the National Science for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) fromApril 1 – June 30, 2014.The exhibit is a collaboration with Boulder based Eco-Arts […]

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Capitol Coverage

Capitol Coverage: Capitol Coverage: Aerial Fire Fighting Fleet

Governor Hickenlooper’s top fire official released a new report saying Colorado needs an aerial fire fighting fleet for the upcoming wildfire season. As part of our capitol conversation series, Bente Birkeland  talks to reporters about the report and how it will factor into the budget debate. Listen to the report here.

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Morning Magazine

March 31st Deadline for health insurance

March 31st deadline to sign up for health insurance Today is the last day to get enrolled for health insurance through the online health insurance exchange if you want coverage in 2014. Myung Kim with Connect for Health Colorado joins us live in the studio to talk about today's deadline, give us […]

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