11th Hour Action Shines Light on Climate Crisis

Every 11th day of every month a group of interfaith community members gather in downtown Boulder to challenge faith communities to raise the alarm about the urgent need to take action on the climate crisis. 11th Hour Calling gathers to ring church bells and strike gongs at 11 a.m. for 11 minutes.

On January 11th, 2020, KGNU’S Rosanna Longo attended one of the events where participants were joined by members of Extinction Rebellion and the Colorado Red Rebel Brigade.

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    11th Hour Action Shines Light on Climate Crisis KGNU News

“These times sometimes feel like a test. A moral and spiritual trial.” ~ Mary Beth Downing

Mary Beth Downing, a member of the 11th Hour Calling steering committee, says the intent of the 11th hour calling group is “to awaken people of faith to the need for focused and persistent action.”

“We are called to act and to live by the spiritual values we profess. We are called to protect and restore creation,” says Downing.

11th Hour Calling welcomed the Red Rebel Brigade, an Extinction Rebellion affiliated, international performance “artivist” troupe, that dresses in red to symbolize “the common blood we share with all species.” 

“We come from different backgrounds and perspectives, but we are united in a recognition of the urgency of the climate crisis and the need to take immediate action,” said Extinction Rebellion activist Michael Denslow. “We share a deep love and appreciation for the earth and all its creatures, and that is something the unifies us and brings us together.

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    11th Hour Action Shines Light on Climate Crisis KGNU News




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