100 Years After The Ludlow Massacre

We especially focus on civil and human rights abuses, and social justice issues.

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Denver County Sheriff Gary Wilson speaks at the Colorado Latino Forum last month. all photos:  KGNU news

IN THE NEWS:  Denver County has joined 12 other Colorado counties that have announced they will discontinue to hold those who have no criminal charge against them in county jails.  Those who have detention hold requests by the Immigration and Detention Enforcement (ICE) department will now be released pending no other charges.  Denver County reports this new policy to be a result of challenges to the 4th Amendment relating to probable cause but also because of the strain to local budgets.  We will hear about that announcement.


About 100 protesters of the Keystone XL Pipeline marched to Senator Mark Udall’s Office and then to Senator Michael Bennett’s.  They wanted the two to vote against a pipeline bill that was expected to come to a vote last week.

Those opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline held a press conference May 6th ahead of a vote in the US Senate that could have led to an approval of the construction of the pipeline.  The pipeline would carry tar sands oil originating in Canada and could be transported through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, through the Ogallala Aquifer. Opponents targeted US Senators Mark Udall and then Michael Bennett who have remained silent about their support or lack of support for the Keystone.


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Linda Linville holds a picture of her ancestors who were killed at the Ludlow Massacre.  Photo on right is a close-up of the family.

Today we begin our series covering events of the 100 year anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre.  Sixty-six striking miners and their families were killed on April 20, 1914.  One family lost all of its family members, the Charles Costa Family.  Linda Linville of Corona,  California is a decendent of the brother of Charles Costa.  She told KGNU of her childhood memories hearing of the massacre.

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