What happens to our bodies after death?

Where do we put our bodies after we die?  For some people it’s of utmost importance; for others a body is but a shell they are leaving behind.  These days, our options, our attitudes and our planning are all up for grabs. Bev Boyer, runs Peak Research Institute, a cadaver lab in Longmont and she  has created relationships with donors before they die and it makes for a unique and powerful experience for everyone involved.

This show received a first place award in the call-in show category in the 2015 PRNDI awards.

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    What happens to our bodies after death? kgnu


Sue Mackey, with Out of the Box funeral planning advises people and families on all aspects of end of life issues including how to plan a home funeral. Many people do not realize that they have more choice around caring for bodies after death, including planning and conducting a funeral at their home.

Kim Mooney has been educating the community on end of life issues for many years, hosting death cafes and education workshops. She writes about end of life issues at Practically-Dying.com.

Image: Sue Mackey, Out of the Box Funeral Planning, Kim Mooney, Practically Dying, Bev Boyer, Peak Research Institute.

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    What happens to our bodies after death? kgnu

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