Ways to Listen



88.5 FM (Boulder), 1390 AM - (Denver), 98.7 FM (Ft. Collins), and more.


Download free for iOS and Android at the app store. Also works with Apple CarPlay.

Device / Online

Listen to KGNU online on your computer, mobile phone, smart devices, and more.

KGNU Mobile App

The KGNU mobile app for iOS and Android makes it easy to tune in to KGNU wherever you are. Listen to KGNU live and KGNU Music, our all-music stream, News and Music Archives on demand, toggle between programs, and more. Features include quick access to programs, stories, and social media channels. Also find information on station events and more.

Free for iOS and Android. Also works on CarPlay and natively on MacOS with M1 processors or better

Listen with Your Smart Device

Just say “Listen to KGNU Radio.” (Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc)


Copy and paste URL below. Station = KGNU.


This works with other media players as well.

Audio stops playing
Audio may stop if your internet connection is unstable,  interrupted, or if there are other network issues.

Can’t find KGNU in Apple Music?
Search for ‘KGNU Community Radio’

Radio Broadcast

KGNU’s FM and AM signals reach listeners in the greater Boulder, Denver, Aurora metro area communities.

Boulder + Denver


Fort Collins

West Denver


KGNU’s FM signal has a power of about 4 Kilowatts, an increase over our previous strength, but lower than other commercial FM stations. Reception might be improved you are haven’t been able to hear KGNU clearly on 88.5 FM in the past. 

An indoor or outdoor FM antenna attached to the receiver may improve reception.


During daylight hours, KGNU’s AM signal covers the greater Denver Metro area.

At sunset, to avoid interference to other radio stations at the same frequency in other areas, AM signal power is reduced per FCC requirement.

An antenna oriented towards Englewood, CO may improve AM reception.

On Demand

Listen to recently aired programs by clicking a show’s name in the program schedule, or from the News and Music show listings.

Click the ‘Explore More Shows‘ button to find past programs, along with descriptions and playlists.

Music program playback is available for two weeks.



This May 1st and 2nd, we’re encouraging you to give and to publicly express what KGNU personally means to you.

We join other public and local stations across the country for this second annual event. It’s your forum to support and champion how KGNU connects with your values.


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