Transportation Bill Headed to Governor

The Republicans top priority bill of the session is now headed to the Governor. As Bente Birkeland reports, the measure involved intense negotiations between both parties.

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Senate Bill 1 adds nearly 500 million dollars for transportation in the next budget, and then would commit 50 million dollars per year for 20 years. It also involves a potential bonding question for voters to decide in 2019. Republican Senate President Kevin Grantham praised the effort when the bill unanimously passed the senate…

“This is a win, and not for us folks. This is a win for our constituents, this is a win for Colorado.”

Democrats negotiated for more money for transit projects. But the biggest sticking point was how much money the state would commit to bonds. House Republicans were the only caucus to oppose the final bill, they wanted a bonding question to go before voters this fall. I’m BB at the state capitol.

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    Transportation Bill Headed to Governor kgnu

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