The United Party

“You can think of it almost like a legislative Trojan Horse. The party is necessary to empower the platforms.”

Arvada resident Ryan D. Nelson is the founder of The United Party, a new political party exclusively for the Federal Legislative branch, but this is a political party with a difference. Rather than having positions on specific issues, candidates in the United Party are asked to commit to three web platforms that Nelson says empowers voters with their own voice.

The first web platform will be for the creation and selection of new proposed legislation. Here, each voter can submit their own ideas for legislation, discuss those ideas with others, and vote on which legislation they want their representatives to submit as bills.

The second web platform will be for the review and approval of final legislation. Here, each bill that reaches the final vote in the Senate will be presented in its simplest form so voters may understand what it is, how much it will cost, who it will impact, and then vote to approve or reject it.
Run For Office

The third web platform will be for candidates to run for office and voters to vote for candidates. Here, anyone can become a candidate and everyone will be presented equally. Profiles will disclose as much information about candidates as we want to know; voters can elect candidates for webcam debate, and vote for candidates of their choice. Each United Party candidate with the most votes in their State or District in the open primary will receive the Party’s nomination.

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A similar group exists in Argentina called DemocracyOS/The Net Party. The organization is headed up by Pia Mancini. There’s also a new party in Australia called Senator Online using the same model.

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