The Business of Marijuana

CHC Sign“It takes years of hard work and long hours and dedication and terrifying roller coaster rides in the business world just to turn it into a successful business – just by having a license does not turn it into a golden ticket.”

Tim Cullen says there is a misconception that anyone can become a millionaire getting involved in the marijuana industry.

In 2002 Tim Cullen’s father was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and got a medical marijuana card. Two years later Cullen himself was diagnosed with Crohn’s and decided to find out how to grow marijuana plants.

13 years later, the former biology teacher and his business partner Ralph Morgan own and operate both Colorado Harvest Company and Evergreen Apothecary in Denver with almost 100 employees.

Cullen says his average customer is a 41 year old white male followed closely by a 38 year old white female.  “Most of them are professional business people and professional athletes as well….that stigma of young punk kids who use cannabis is just not the reality on the ground at all.”

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