Tech Talks: Technology in the Food Service Industry

Wanting to understand how technology might impact a restaurant?  We had the opportunity to interview Rob Pieper about the restaurant business.  Rob and his wife have owned restaurants in Estes Park, CO for 23 years and utilize technology in order to help ensure customer satisfaction as well as restaurant success.  In this segment we will hear how technology helps them understand everything from customer wait times, predictions on food orders, tables that generate the most business and more!

Part 2 of this interview will air on Friday, April 7 where we will look into Social Media, other technology and their impact on the restaurant business success.  Enjoy the taste of technology in the restaurant business.

Their restaurants:

Hosts: Interviewer – Yesenia Antunez, Sr, Skyline HS; Michelle Tran, Sph, Skyline.

Guests: Rob Pieper – Owner Manager Poppy’s Pizza & Grill; Mama Rose’s  Estes Park, CO




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