Tech Talks: Road to Mars

“You’ve heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child, well, it takes a nation to build a rocket”.

On April 19th, Markeeva Morgan of Nasa spoke at the Longmont Aerospace Symposium regarding the Space Launch Systems program and the “Road to Mars Conference.” He is overseeing the largest, most capable launch vehicle ever built- designed to go beyond low earth orbit to travel to asteroids and mars like destinations.  We decided to conduct a roundtable of students discussing the concept of flying to Mars.  The students discuss their views on space exploration and the opportunities that will be available within technology with the new advancements.

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    Tech Talks: Road to Mars kgnu

Speaker at Conference: Markeeva Morgan, Space Launch Systems Program Core Stage Avionics Hardware Subsystems Manager and Stages Flight Termination System Integration Lead, Nasa.

Roundtable Students:  Megan Little, Niwot HS; Lili Arrendondo, Skyline HS; Yesi Antunez, Skyline HS

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    Tech Talks: Road to Mars kgnu




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