Tech Talks: New Teacher Orientation

Every year, the St. Vrain Valley School District puts on a one day conference for first year teachers and teachers new to the district. At this event, teachers attend speeches and workshops to help introduce them to the district. They began their day with a welcome and overview of the curriculum employed by SVVSD. Then they attended specific workshops geared towards providing them with tools and knowledge to benefit themselves and their students in the classroom. New teachers also heard from the spokeswoman of the teachers union in Colorado and from the heads of several programs throughout the district. During breaks teachers were also able to browse booths from a variety of different companies that provide teaching materials, mentor ship opportunities, and resources to benefit the teachers.

We talked to new teachers during their breakfast break and during the times in which they toured the booths. We also talked to some veteran teachers before they went to lead workshops. New technology is being introduced into classrooms everyday; here are the teachers thoughts on how to use it and how it will be beneficial.

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    Tech Talks: New Teacher Orientation kgnu


Hosted by Lili Arredondo, Hannah Schineller, with new and current teachers in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

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    Tech Talks: New Teacher Orientation kgnu

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