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The City of Longmont is undertaking a multi-year project focused on the St. Vrain river. According to the city’s website, the Resilient St.Vrain project will “fully restore the St. Vrain Greenway and improve the St. Vrain Creek channel to protect people, property and infrastructure from future flood risk.”


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    Stand with our St Vrain Creek KGNU News


A citizen action group, Stand with our St. Vrain Creek, says the city’s plans will impact the entire length of the river from Airport Road to the confluence of St. Vrain and Boulder Creeks. Jamie Simo is with Stand with our St. Vrain Creek and says that they’re concerned about plans to remove mature trees as well as the destruction of aquatic habitats. The group will hold a public meeting at the Longmont Public Library on Wednesday Feb. 27th from 6:30-8:30pm.

The Resilient St. Vrain project aims to widen the river, taking out trees to allow the river to pass more water in the event of another historic flood like the one seen in 2013. Doing this will take out around 800 acres of land from the floodplain, leaving that land open for development. Stand with our St. Vrain Creek hopes to make the city more cognizant of the importance of the wildlife as well as the riparian buffer, which keeps from sedimentation issues and reduces downstream flooding, as well as being a wildlife movement corridor from the foothills to the plains.

“I think maintaining that 150ft setback is key, also purchasing more areas along there so that there is a contiguous habitat for wildlife so that they have their space. And then maybe perhaps expanding the open space tax so that we can maintain our open spaces and buy new properties and maintain our riparian area to protect against floods.”

Stand with our St. Vrain Creek will be hosting an event on the 27th of February in which they will address what riparian areas do for the community and why they’re important, as well as vital issues coming up on the St. Vrain that need to be observed. The City of Longmont will also host a public meeting and open house on the updates to the wildlife management plan on March 7th from 6:00-8:00pm at 7 S. Sunset Street in Longmont.

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    Stand with our St Vrain Creek KGNU News

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