Social Distancing on Open Space

Local open space areas and trails are seeing increasing crowds as the State of Colorado’s stay-at-home order restricts many other activities around the state.

Local officials caution that In addition to unsafe crowding, the additional use of public open space is causing adverse impacts to recreational areas, especially at trailheads, in parking lots, and along roads adjacent to these trails.

Eric Lane, Director of Boulder County Parks & Open Space tells KGNU that people can still visit open space for exercise and fresh air, strict adherence to open space rules and regulations and social distancing are mandatory.

Listen to the interview with Eric Lane below:

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    Social Distancing on Open Space KGNU News

Lane suggests using lesser known trails and visit during off peak hours.

The state has mandated limiting travel except for critical activities, so recreating close to home is highly recommended. The Boulder Area Trails App is available for free for iOS and Android users. Current trails data—including closures—is updated regularly by 12 local agencies. It’s a great way to find and explore a trail near home.

It’s important to note that public lands in Boulder County are under the jurisdiction of different land management agencies, including towns, cities, the county, the state, and federal governments. The county does not have the authority to regulate trails outside of our jurisdiction, and other areas may have unique rules and regulations. It is incumbent on the recreators to know and adhere to the rules and regulations of the particular park or open space area they are visiting.

For Boulder County Parks & Open Space, please visit for a list of trails and their status, and for the rules and regulations for Boulder County trails.

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    Social Distancing on Open Space KGNU News

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