Session Preview with Co. Senate President Bill Cadman

Colorado’s annual legislative session begins on January 13th. For our series leading up to the session statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland is sitting down with legislative leaders to discuss their goals and the big issues they must confront.

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    Session Preview with Co. Senate President Bill Cadman kgnu


Highlights from the interview with Senate President Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) who is term limited at the end of this session:

On the Governor’s proposal to make the hospital provider fee an enterprise fund and not count towards the state’s TABOR revenue limit: “The Governor to his credit on this issue has done a very thorough job on lobbying his Department heads to lobby the legislature. And he spent all summer frankly running around the state, traveling the state, talking about what the hospital provider fee issue is,” said Cadman.

On State Senators Running for Congress: “That’s nothing new here, and if you look at the folks in Congress that have served here. What it does to do them is it really maxes out their schedule. But national public policy and state public policy often intersect in this building,” said Cadman.

On his future in politics: “I’m not planning it right now but you never say never. When the right opportunity, and that’s what political office is, it’s opportunity, interest and ability coming together at the same time. That’s how I got into this place 15 years ago and we’ll see what’s next,” said Cadman.

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    Session Preview with Co. Senate President Bill Cadman kgnu

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