Reveal: More to the Story: Redlining, Wildfires and Trump’s Mansion

Reveal digs deep – and gets results. This week’s episode shines a light on the consequences of some recent investigations. Photo illustration by Michael Schiller/Reveal

By mining data from 31 million records, we discovered a pattern of racial disparities in mortgage lending across 60 U.S. metropolitan areas. We zeroed in on one city, Philadelphia, to show how black applicants are nearly three times more likely to be denied a home loan than their white counterparts. Now, officials in Philadelphia are demanding changes and accountability.

While many people of color have trouble getting mortgages, we investigate one high-end property that didn’t even need one. Our reporters try to untangle a web of unusual dealings that involve a big-donor Republican couple who flips houses, a minister who promotes himself as an Egyptian pop star and the future president of the United States.

The episode concludes with an examination of what went wrong during the wildfires that killed more than 40 people and forced hundreds of thousands more to flee their Northern California neighborhoods last fall. With journalists from radio station KQED, Reveal sifted through emergency dispatch calls and 911 recordings to determine how problems with firefighting preparedness and coordination among agencies culminated in catastrophe.


Reveal is a weekly radio program produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. For more, check out our website and subscribe to our podcast.

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