Resistance Radio: The People’s Climate March

The People’s Climate March happens in cities around the world on Saturday April 29th. In Denver, people will gather starting at 10am at Civic Center Park to participate in a variety of events. Seth Maddox, one of the organizers says that the focus will be on the people directly impacted by climate change.

“We’re focusing much more on communities directly negatively affected by things like rising sea temperatures which are threatening the entire city of New Orleans and a lot of Florida etc. Those would be examples of what we term front-line communities, or communities who are more directly affected by climate change than the average person.”

Maddox says there are communities and people in Colorado who also directly impacted, e.g. ski operators who are losing their jobs due to climate change and a shrinking ski season.

Micah Parkin of Colorado’s says while certain communities are even more vulnerable to the effects of climate change, everyone is impacted. “Climate change is already impacting all of us we just haven’t all realized it yet. From the impacts we’ve been seeing here in Colorado, the Pine Beetle devastation, the record breaking droughts and floods and wildfires. So yes, it’s impacting all of us.”


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The People’s Climate March on Denver is one of nearly 300 sister marches happening to coincide with the national People’s Climate March on DC. will carry a live webstream of Democracy Now’s coverage of the People’s Climate March in DC from 8am to 1pm on Saturday April 29th.

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