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Sworn to Refuse is a project where all public officials who take an oath will be reminded of the right and responsibility of that oath and their responsibility to refuse to obey or carry out any order or directive which they in good faith believe to contravene their oath of office.


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Karen Morgan with Sworn to Refuse says in addition to reminding public officials at all levels about the oath they took when they started their employment, Sworn to Refuse wishes to  “if someone from another government agency gives them a directive that they think might be wrong, or might be contradictory to city law. We want these people to have the courage to go to their supervisor and to say “should I do this? The FBI has told me to do this, should I do this?” That’s just an example. We’d like them to not only stand up and do what’s right but we’d like them to have the courage to know that they’re not going to lose their job for standing up to a different government agency, that they will be defended by the city of Boulder for what they refuse to do for another agency.”

Morgan says the project in Boulder goes back about two months but is a non-partisan project “we want city and local and state and federal governing folks to obey the rules no matter who the administration might be. And so, this would be a life long project in a way because it’s not a political thing, it’s doing the right thing which doesn’t always follow party lines.”

Sworn to Refuse will present their information on Monday September 17th at 6pm to the city of Boulder Human Relations Commission. Morgan says they would like the city of Boulder to come out with a proclamation in support of city employees who refuse to comply with other agencies in contravention to their oath.

Karen Morgan can be contacted at: [email protected].

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