Recreate Your Roots: Our Musical History

CU’s American Music Research Center and school of music is hosting a celebration of American music, Recreate Your Roots which brings together musicians that represent a diverse cross-section of American roots music traditions, like banjos, fiddles and drums.

Jayme Stone and Moira Smiley of Jayme Stone’s Folklife, a group that plays old songs that come from field recordings with new contemporary elements, tells KGNU’s Ginger Perry that the event is like a summer camp in the woods with concerts, TED-style talks, creative incubation, and community gatherings that welcome folks of all ages from greater Boulder.

Stone and Smiley say that the communal element of folk music is a major element of the genre.  Stone says that people have been creating music together over the centuries. “It’s like a long game of broken telephone across the generations of earthy songs that we sing for some kind of community purpose.”


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    Recreate Your Roots: Our Musical History KGNU News


Some of the musicians participating in the Recreate Your Roots events include Jayme Stone’s Folklife, Anna & Elizabeth, and Dom Flemons — who all work in collaboration with the past, both honoring and exploring the provenance and social underpinnings of the songs they play.

Recreate Your Roots happens at CU Boulder February 5-8, 2018.

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    Recreate Your Roots: Our Musical History KGNU News

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