Raising Awareness of Food Injustice

Tindakan is a Denver based nonprofit that focuses on giving back and raising funds for eco-social justice issues. They work to raise awareness of issues and support other non-profits working in these areas as well as promoting actual, attainable solutions by planning and producing events, projects and endeavors.

They are hosting an event at the Mercury Café in Denver on February 27th that Tindakan Executive Director Jeremy Gregory says will raise awareness about food insecurity “You come to the event and you draw a ticket and that ticket may determine whether you are wealthy, middle class or poor. If you draw a wealthy ticket you will get an elaborate meal, you sit at a very nice table. If you draw a middle class ticket you sit at a lower class table and if you draw a poor ticket you get one helping of food.”  Gregory says it’s an event that they hope will engage the public around food justice issues.

“We call these type of events edutainment type of event. We want people to have a good time but we also want people leaving feeling catalyzed and empowered and knowing what’s happening in their community.”


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Funds raised at the Food For Some event will go to benefit 3 Colorado nonprofit organizations: The Front Range Food Shed Initiative, Earth Tribe Ranch, and The GrowHaus.

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    Raising Awareness of Food Injustice kgnu

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