Protestors Target Disney Shareholders Meeting in Denver

photo credits Tony Gallagher, Free Press.

Activists rallied outside a Disney shareholder meeting in Denver on Wednesday March 8th to call on Disney CEO Will Iger to step down from President Trump’s Business Advisory Council’s participation.

Robel Worku with the Colorado People’s Alliance, one of the organizations participating in today’s protest says today’s rally is part of a nationwide movement that includes a petition with a half-million signatures of people from throughout the country, “we’d like to deliver (that) to Bob Iger to let him know that everyday Americans in addition to folks that work for places like Disney Land and Disney World and most of the families that consume their products are opposed to their support of the Trump Administration. And there even a lot of folks who have signed that petition that have voiced their concerns around that and have said that they are going to stop supporting Disney financially whether that be going to their amusement parks or going to any movies produced by Disney and things of that nature.”

A similar national movement targeting Uber’s CEO resulted in Travis Kalanick stepping down from the Business Advisory Council.

Worku says that Disney is a corporation that has traded on its image of being a family organization, and associating itself with the Trump administration is in direct contradiction to that.  “We think that the values espoused by the Trump administration don’t really line up with how Disney presents itself to the public both in their TV shows and their films and we’re just asking that the decisions of the corporation reflect that.”

People gathered outside Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, holding Disney-themed signs that said Bad Mickey and Mickey and Donald: Disney let him go.

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    Protestors Target Disney Shareholders Meeting in Denver KGNU News

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    Protestors Target Disney Shareholders Meeting in Denver KGNU News




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