Police Attack KGNU Reporters in Paris

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PARIS-Today, as KGNU’s early morning news team was exiting the designated COP21 train station stop, Le Bourget, that leads to the boarding zone for the COP21 shuttle buses, Paris Police were arresting a dark skinned person with a beard. The man was under the restraint of multiple officers when KGNU reporters began documenting the scene.

Before our reporters could begin the recording, an officer grabbed one reporter by her arm and shoved her towards the street while yelling commands in French.

“The amount of force being used towards the person they were arresting drew my attention immediately and I brought out my camera to document the abuse. After seconds-less than ten-an officer grabbed my arm to the point I could feel her fingernails digging into my arm through my winter coat, jerking me so hard I thought I was being arrested. With no warning or instruction from an officer, I stepped away, still recording.”

The officers followed KGNU reporters, continuing to make demands for the reporters to reveal their nationality and what language they spoke. Our reporters were followed across the street until officers saw them enter the gates to board the COP21 shuttle bus.

No guidelines or restrictions had been provided to reporters by the United Nations or the UNFCC before or upon providing media credentials regarding the recording and documentation of police violence.

At the time of this writing, all of our reporters are safe and will continue to bring updates from the ground in Paris at the UN climate talks and the coinciding actions organized by people representing global grassroots struggles including the treatment of marginalized communities.

photos:  KGNU News



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