Podcasts – DPS Interns 2023

Left Frame – Jair Ramirez // Right Frame – Azzan Booker

During their summer internship of 2023 through a collaboration between KGNU and the DPS Launch Internship Program, interns, Azzan Booker and Jair Ramirez, produced their first personal podcasts on places that are meaningful to them. The interns were tasked with using field recorders to attempt to create an audio snapshot of these places.

Azzan chose to capture The 31, a public bus in Denver that he’s taken since he was a young boy. Using ambient sounds he gathered while riding the bus, Azzan creates a sonic seat for the listener to ride along in, while he reflects on the various relationships that are connected to his trips on The 31. In Sunnyside Memory Lane, Jair reminisces about his childhood neighborhood, Sunny Side, and uses his recorder to capture his friends’s voices and retell some stories.

The 31 – Listen:

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    Podcasts – DPS Interns 2023 Martín Better Longo


Sunnyside Memory Lane – Listen:

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    Podcasts – DPS Interns 2023 Martín Better Longo




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