Parents sues DPS over Pride flags in classrooms and state officials debate banning religion from state-funded preschools



Parents Sues DPS, Wants “Straight” Flag In Classrooms

A parent is suing Denver Public Schools for not displaying a “straight pride” flag. Nathan Feldman filed the lawsuit Nov. 10, according to The Denver Post. 

Feldman says his children, who attend Slavens School in Denver, are being discriminated against as straight and cisgender children because their teachers display Pride flags in the classroom. He says the flags aren’t inclusive. 

DPS has a policy that allows teachers to display Progress Pride flags in their classrooms. 

In an email, Feldman asked that the district also display a straight flag with linked male and female gender signs but the district ignored his request, according to the Post. 

He is asking $3 million in punitive damages from the Slavens School Principal, DPS Director of operations, DPS family constituency specialist, DPS superintendent and his children’s teachers. 

The school district has not commented on the situation. 


Protests Erupt At Global Conference For Israel

The Global Conference for Israel began last night and hundreds of protestors stood outside the doors of the Colorado Convention Center, waving Palestinian flags. 

Pro-Palestian groups, including the Colorado Palestine Coalition and the Jewish Voice for Peace, are asking for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

According to Axios Denver, security around the Convention Center was heightened, with police threatening to use chemical agents if protestors didn’t stay back from the doors. Attendees of the event, however, told Axios they felt safe. 

The National Jewish Fund scheduled to host the Denver convention before the Gaza conflict began. It is set to end Sunday. 


Colorado Officials Want To Ban Religion In State-Funded Preschools

Some Colorado early childhood education officials are proposing to ban the inclusion of religion in the pre-school curriculum starting next year, according to a new report by Chalkbeat.

Earlier this year, the state introduced the Universal Preschool Program, or UPK, which gave all children at least 15 hours of free preschool across Colorado. State officials encouraged faith-based preschool programs to apply but required providers to sign agreements that prevent them from discriminating against children due to sexual orientations or gender identity.

This agreement led to two Catholic Parishes to file lawsuits against the state, claiming that their religious freedom was under threat. 

The Colorado Constitution does now allow the state to use funds for a religious purpose, according to Chalkbeat, and critics of faith-based preschools’ inclusion in the UPK say the lines separating the church and state may become blurred. 

State-funded faith-based preschools, like Landmark Preschool in Grand Junction, say banning religion in their curriculum would be detrimental, as religion is weaved into every lesson. 

Deion Sanders Appears On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated As Sportsperson Of The Year

Sports Illustrated named football coach Deion Sanders Sportsperson of the Year yesterday. They say Sanders brought new life to the suffering team. 

Among his standout performances this football season are the first sold out spring game in Colorado football history, a win against Texas Christian University, or TCU, and hosting ESPN’s College GameDay. 

Sanders will accept the award and premiere season two of his Amazon docuseries on Dec 6. at the CU Events Center.

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