Oil and Gas is pushing back against efforts to regulate air quality and schools can now search students for guns without warrant


Boulder Day Shelter Approved

The City of Boulder has approved The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless application to begin staying open during the day. That decision, made public yesterday, is being called a major milestone for the shelter, which has been operating as an overnight facility only.

Establishing daytime shelter services has been a priority of the Boulder City Council for several years, according to the Daily Camera. While plans are still taking shape, it’s expected to be an all-purpose resource of services for people experiencing homelessness.

The city had planned to open a day services facility at 1844 Folsom, but those plans changed last fall when the property’s owner and developer changed their minds.

The shelter is currently at 4869 Broadway. A shelter spokesperson told the Camera that there is currently no timeline for opening on a 24/7 basis, adding that there is still a lot of work to do.

The shelter has revived a community outreach group to address citizen concerns about its expanding services, and said that a representative of the Boulder police department has been invited to join the group.

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June Congressional Vacancy Election

Governor Jared Polis has announced a congressional vacancy election scheduled for June in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District following the resignation of former Representative Ken Buck. The district encompasses a significant portion of the Eastern Plains and parts of the Front Range, including Loveland and Highlands Ranch. The election is set for June 25th, coinciding with the State Primary.

For further details, refer to the press releases and resources below:

Gov. Pollis Press Release
Griswold Press Release
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Weapons Searches Ruling

The Colorado Supreme Court has upheld school officials’ authority to conduct searches on students without a warrant under safety plans. This decision follows a case where Denver high school officials discovered a loaded gun in a student’s possession during a search conducted in accordance with safety protocols.

That search was conducted in accordance with an individualized, weapons-related safety plan and found a loaded gun in the student’s backpack, according to the Denver Post. 

The student was on a school safety plan after being convicted in juvenile court of carrying a weapon and menacing. The student was in ninth grade then, and the incident happened off-campus.

The Colorado Supreme Court said that searches done according to safety plans are reasonable because safety plans reduce expectations of privacy. The court also noted that student rights are limited by the state’s responsibility to maintain a safe school environment.

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Lawmakers discuss two new air quality bills 

State lawmakers are considering two air quality bills. The bills aim to bring oil and gas companies in Colorado in line with the U.S. Clean Air Act.

State officials, according to Colorado Newsline, say the overall objective of Senate Bills 24-165 and 24-166 is to bring Colorado into compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s ozone standards by 2027.

SB 24-165 requires deep reductions in ozone emissions. 24-166 is aimed at companies that repeatedly violate air quality laws.

Both bills, 165 in particular, are facing stiff opposition from Colorado’s oil and gas industry. Industry spokespeople say that if 165 becomes law, it would require pauses in seasonal drilling, resulting in decreased production.

Opponents of the bills also say that the measures target Suncor, which has a history of air quality violations. Suncor, a Canadian company with a refinery in Commerce City, is not specifically named in the text of either bill.

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Boulder Creek E. Coli

CU Boulder says that two possible reasons for elevated E. Coli levels in Boulder Creek are raccoon feces, and a stormcepter. A stormcepter is the part of a sewer system that separates oil and sediment from stormwater runoff.

The university was required by the Colorado Department of Public Health to test two outfalls, which are the points where stormwater from campus enters Boulder Creek. Their testing showed one of the outfalls is within EPA standards for E. Coli levels, according to the Daily Camera. The other outfall tested for elevated levels of E. Coli.

The Camera says that CU is already engaged in several efforts for reducing E. coli.

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Denver Business Grants

The City of Denver is offering grants through the Certifiably Green Denver Equity Funding program to support women and minority-owned businesses in enhancing energy efficiency. Eligible businesses can receive up to $10,000 to improve their buildings’ sustainability efforts as part of Denver’s emissions reduction strategy.

To apply or learn more about this initiative, visit the online application portal or read more.

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