NO DAPL action in downtown Boulder

Tuesday November 15th is a national day of action against the Dakota Access Pipeline. At noon people rallied outside the courthouse on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall in support of the water protectors in North Dakota.
The rally happened outside the building where the Boulder County Commissioners were meeting to discuss oil and gas regulations in the County.

Denise Luttrell from Jamestown locked herself to the front doors of Wells Fargo Bank on the Pearl Street Mall as part of the No DAPL action.

“There are a number of banks ware are invested and funding the Dakota Access pipeline. Citi Bank is the biggest one and they reached out to the other banks and brought them in so now we have Wells Fargo and quite a number of other banks involved in the funding of the Dakota Access pipeline and I am asking them to stop because they are funding militarized police attacking peaceful protestors as well as threatening the water supply of not only the Native Americans at Standing Rock but millions of people downstream in the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.”

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    NO DAPL action in downtown Boulder KGNU News

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    NO DAPL action in downtown Boulder KGNU News

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