NewCO Boulder: A different type of business conference

NewCo Boulder is a business conference happening Thursday November 19th that seeks to capitalize on the entrepreneurial spirit that exists locally and match new business owners, established business leaders, emerging business and even non profits so they can sit down together and talk and then share ideas and learn from each other. Tim O’Shea with Engage Colorado, the group organizing the conference says 60 companies will be participating from a wide range of backgrounds from the cannabis industry to community banking to natural foods. O’Shea says it’s a unique opportunity for  companies from completely different backgrounds to share expertise “We do love to create those collaborative dialogues and to increase that cross pollination between the leaders in the companies that are part of our community.”

Kendra Prospero, CEO and founder of Turning the Corner, llc, who will be presenting at NewCO, says the conference is a great opportunity for job seekers to sit down with local companies. Prospero says there are some new trends emerging in the workforce “work can happen all of the time and yet we still have this traditional work week”.  Prospero says more employees and companies are looking for flexibility in work schedules “having more part positions, having the 40 hours spread across multiple days, different hours.” Prospero cautions though that there still have to be some boundaries to protect workers from being permanently on-call or being furloughed.

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    NewCO Boulder: A different type of business conference kgnu

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    NewCO Boulder: A different type of business conference kgnu

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