Nature Almanac: Migrating Hummingbirds

Colorado hummingbirds spent the summer in the mountains, raising their young . . .  or being hatchlings that have now grown up. Now that it’s September, most are starting toward their winter homes, thousands of miles away, in Mexico and Central America.  To celebrate the end of a summer of hummingbirds, naturalists Scott Severs and Ruth Carol Cushman join Master Hummingbird Bander Steve Bouricius at his mountain cabin in Peaceful Valley, where they share ways that people living in Boulder, Denver and other foothills cities can attract hummingbirds to stop by as they migrate south. KGNU’s Shelley Schlender joined them. Here’s their conversation.

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    Nature Almanac: Migrating Hummingbirds Jackie Sedley

This Nature Almanac is a short companion piece to the half hour hummingbird episode of How On Earth, a weekly science show that airs on KGNU. You can find that episode here.


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    Nature Almanac: Migrating Hummingbirds Jackie Sedley

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Jackie Sedley


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