Top 10 Albums of 2023 – Keith Colligan’s Picks

While playing 98% new releases and never (almost) repeating, there were several candidates for the Top Ten 2023. Tracks with great vocals, artful playing, original lyrics, rhythmic sense, composition and production, rose above the crowd. I love various funk, psychedelia, redemption songs and electronic world music.
The 15 runners up are: Alice, L’oiseau Magnifique; Ana Popovic, Pwoer; Matt Anderson, The Big Bottle of Joy; Black Market Brass, Hox; Domique Fils-aime, Our Roots Run Deep; Iguana Death Cult. Echo Palace; John R. Miller, The Heat Comes Down; Laura Veirs, Phone Orphans; L’Rain, I Killed Your Dog; Sami Rose Joe Louis, Akousmatikous; Lusine, Long Light; Shannon McNally, Live at Dee’s; Oneohtrix Point Never, Again; Pollo Del Mar, Speed of Dark; Sisyphus, Golden Features
Artist Album Label
1 Say She She Silver Self Produced
2 Otis Taylor Banjo… Octave Records
3 Smoove and Turrell Red Ellen Jalapeno Ltd.
4 The Allergies Tear the Place Up
Jalapeno Records
5 No Name Black Mirror
AWAL Recordings America
6 NCY Milky Band Our Gurus 2 BMM Records
7 Brandt Brauer-Frick Multi-Faith Prayer Room Because Music
8 Matmos Return to Archive
Smithsonian Folkways
9 Samuele Strufaldi Davorio
Musica Macondo Records
10 Onipa Off the Grid
Real World Records
KGNU Music

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