Top 10 Albums of 2023 – Joel Davis’s Picks

According to my music library, I ingested 4021 new tracks in 2023. As of this moment, these are my Top 10 albums.


•List is alphabetical. Picking 10 is tough enough. (most listened to: Night Beats / Rajan)

•Best shows: LCD Soundsystem (big, Red Rocks); Surprise Chef (small, Marquis) Novalima (free, Levitt); Kiltro (local, Summit)

•Best album rediscovered this year: Sweet Jones by 9 Lazy 9 (2003, Ninja Tune)

•Honorable mention: Acid Arab / Trois, C’mon Tigre / Habitat, Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood / Jarak Qaribak, Fabiano do Nascimento / Mundo Solo, The Gaslamp Killer Meets the Heliocentrics, Hidden Orchestra / To Dream Is to Forget, Kiltro / Underbelly, Marta Ziakowska & Tricky / When It’s Going Wrong, Mary Lattimore / Goodbye, Hotel Arkada, Mioclono / Cluster I, Robohands / Palms, Sinego / Alterego

Artist Album Label
1 Charif Megarbane Marzipan Habibi Funk
2 Eje Eje Five Seasons Batov
3 El Buho Strata
Wonderwheel Recordings
4 Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru Mississippi
5 Ghost Train Orchestra & Kronos Quartet Songs and Symphoniques: The Music of Moondog
Cantaloupe Music
6 Lucas Santtana O Paraiso No Format!
7 Night Beats Rajan Suicide Squeeze
8 Opez Social Limbo Agogo
9 schroothoop MACADAM Sdban
10 Session Victim Low Key, Low Pressure
Night Time Stories
KGNU Music

KGNU Music


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