Media Gardens: Kiltro Interview with Jair Ramirez

During his internship at KGNU, Jair Ramirez got the opportunity to interview Chris Bowers Castillo and Will Parkhill from the Denver-based and nationally acclaimed band: Kiltro. As a Denver-based high school graduate and aspiring musician with Mexican heritage, Jair chose to review Kiltro’s bilingual sophomore album, Underbelly, for its blend of shoegaze, ambient and neo-psychedelia with South American folk.

In this engaging, fun, and heartfelt phone interview, Jair asks Chris, Kiltro’s lead singer, about his experiences of living both in Chile and the U.S., and how this has influenced his musical path. Will speaks about Denver’s music, making reference to other current Latin American bands, and his experiences as a musician who grew up in and was shaped by this city’s scene. Jair concludes the interview by asking the two band members for their advice for young multicultural musicians who aspire towards the level of success and impact that Kiltro has reached.

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