Local Gold: Itchy-O Marching Band


The mesmerizing Itchy-O Marching Band has made several visits to our studios over the years. Here are some archives of those appearances.

Itchy-O Marching Band Performance Archives:

Two members of Itchy-O took over the airwaves at KGNU for an hour. They brought some of their favorite tunes and chatted with host Tonja Loendorf about their upcoming 3-night stint at 3 King’s Tavern. Tune in to hear the captivating hour of music and mayhem that is Itchy-O. (Archive from 12/21/15)

Eighteen members of the Itchy-O collective performed live at our studios. We’ve had visits from Itchy-O in the past but never had we attempted to capture one of their live performances. At long last, here is the evidence from that session. Members of the group spoke with Nat Kramer about their upcoming Gothic Theater performance. (Archive from 2/7/15)

The Itchy-O Marching Band appeared in our Denver studio to discuss their upcoming 2014 New Year’s Eve show at 3 Kings Tavern. They also spoke about their first paid gig at three year old’s birthday party as well as early reaction to their ‘Burn The Navigator’ release on Alternative Tentacles. John Schaefer was the unexpecting host. (Archive from 12/23/14)

The mysterious inter-dimensional marching band hive known as Itchy-O paid a visit to our studios to produce a live sound scape and share tracks from their forthcoming album. The band’s new release will be coming out on Alternative Tentacles later in 2014. Itchy-O’s performance art project has expanded to 40 members over the years and continues to mesmerize and intermittently terrify Denver residents. The band dropped in to help draw attention to their headlining performance at the 3rd annual May The Fourth Be With You Celebration in Denver on 5/3/14. Gavin Dahl hosted the proceedings. (Archive from 4/29/14)




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