Local Gold: Chimney Choir


We’ve been fortunate to have several visits from Chimney Choir over the years. Here are a couple of their most recent performances from our archives.

Chimney Choir Performance Archives:

With time running out on their crowd funding campaign to record their dream album, Chimney Choir made a triumphant return to our studios for a live performance of some of their new unrecorded material. If this is how they can pull it off live can you imagine what will happen in a full recording studio? Andy Zicklin was the host on the Kabaret.

Those completely unclassifiable minstrels of South Broadway, Chimney Choir, stopped by our studios for a live performance. They performed material from their release ‘Compass’ as well as an older gem from their mesmerizing repertoire. The group is just another example of the incredible talent we have here in the area. Highlights are from a Kabaret session on 5/13/13 hosted by Mark Doyle

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