KGNU Fund Drive Music Specials – Summer 2020

2020 Summer Fund Drive Music Specials

We have several audible treats coming up during our Summer Fund Drive, July 8-12. Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind specials you can only hear from the KGNU DJs.

  • Wednesday, July 8 9:30 AM: Tangerine Dream Tribute, with Uncle Jeff and Dave Alex – Morning Sound Alternative
  • Wednesday, July 8 12:00 PM: Colorado Only Edition of the Afternoon Sound Alternative, with Mr. Denver – Afternoon Sound Alternative
  • Thursday, July 9 9:30 AM: You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio: Songs about the Radio, with Ginger Perry and Sanford Baran – Morning Sound Alternative
  • Thursday, July 9 12:00 PM: Coronapalooza, with Indra Raj and Joel Davis – Afternoon Sound Alternative
  • Thursday, July 9 7:00 PM: The Return of the Mod Housewife: Amy Rigby, with Desdemona Finch – HWY 322
  • Friday, July 10 12:00 PM: 12″s of Love: Songs of Compassion and Romance, with DJ A-L – Afternoon Sound Alternative
  • Friday, July 10 9:00 PM: A Night of a Thousand Dances: Celebrating The Dance Sensations That Swept The Nation, with Patrick Mendoza – Dusty Grooves
  • Saturday, July 11 12:00 AM: Vibravoid Tribute, with Randy Roark – Sleepless Nights and Restless Mornings
  • Sunday, July 12 9:00 AM: Revisiting The Charles, with Meredith Carson – Roots & Branches



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