KGNU Fund Drive Music Specials – Spring 2023


2023 Spring Fund Drive Music Specials

We have several audible treats coming up during our Spring Fund Drive, March 11-19. Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind specials you can only hear from the KGNU DJs.

  • Saturday, March 11 4:00 PM: The Way Home: The Music that draws us to Africa and KGNU, with Pete Miesel – African Roots – Songs and artists that initially drew DJs and listeners to KGNU’s African Roots program.
  • Saturday, March 11 7:00 PM: 2023 Oscar Movie Soundtracks, with Bob Cosmo – Sound Lab – Featuring music from 2023 Oscar movie nominees!
  • Monday, March 13 9:30 AM: Local Women Musicians, with Indra Raj – Morning Sound Alternative – Enjoy music written and performed by Colorado woman musicians, in support of Women’s History Month!
  • Monday, March 13 12:00 PM: Samples and Originals, with Iris Berkeley – Afternoon Sound Alternative – Not quite covers, but similar! Listen to original music and the songs that sample that music.
  • Tuesday, March 14 9:30 AM: Bob Dylan and the Modern Song, with Ginger Perry and Sam Fuqua – Morning Sound Alternative – Musical selections featured in Bob Dylan’s new book, ‘The Philosophy of Modern Song,’ including his commentary and musings about the songs.
  • Tuesday, March 14 12:00 PM: The Kinks Special, with Sam Fuqua and Paul Epstein – Afternoon Sound Alternative – A special tribute to the the English band The Kinks.
  • Tuesday, March 14 7:00 PM: Bill and Jilian Nershi Studio Session, with Shawna Sprowls – Kabaret – A live in-studio session with Bill and Jillian Nershi, ahead of their performance at Chautaqua on March 16th.
  • Wednesday, March 15 9:30 AM: Cover Girls, with Carrie Marks and Anderson Muth – Morning Sound Alternative – Listen to cover songs by women, in support of Women’s History Month!
  • Thursday, March 16 12:00 PM: OH CANADA: Music from the Wild Northlands, with Doug Gertner – Afternoon Sound Alternative – Exploring the music and musicians of Canada!
  • Thursday, March 16 7:00 PM: Chicago and the Folk Music Revival, with Sanford Baran – HWY 322 – A dive into Chicago’s early folk-movement-revival in the late 50’s early 60s.
  • Friday, March 17 9:30 AM: St. Patrick’s Day Special, with Karl Kumli and Rodger Hara – Morning Sound Alternative – Our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration filled with Celtic music, conversation, and on-air tastings!
  • Friday, March 17 12:00 PM: The Volunteer Profile, with Deep Rawk Dave – Afternoon Sound Alternative – A selection of sounds from your favorite KGNU volunteer DJs.
  • Saturday, March 18 7:00 PM: Grateful Dead Special, with Chris O’Riley and Paul Epstein – KGNU biannual 5-hour celebration of live performances by the legendary Grateful Dead.



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