MeSimple: Rediscovering Simplicity

“What we really seek is some kind of sense of satisfaction about the course of a life.”

David Romtvedt
David Romtvedt

David Romtvedt is a Wyoming-based poet/novelist and member of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. He’ll be giving a keynote presentation on Simplification: Choosing Time Over Money; People Over Things; Sky Over Ceilings at an upcoming conference in Boulder focused on rediscovering simplicity.

MeSimple is hosting a day long event called : Tapping the potential of nature and simplicity on Saturday April 25th at the e-town hall in Boulder.


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    MeSimple: Rediscovering Simplicity kgnu


MeSimple was founded by Scott Edwards as a way to collect, build, and archive stories from a variety of like-minded individuals inspired by their own lifestyle shift to simplicity. Saturday’s event kicks off the MeSimple learning series.

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    MeSimple: Rediscovering Simplicity kgnu

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