Manual High Poems: We Are The People

We Are The People

by Elijah Santianes
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    Manual High Poems: We Are The People KGNU News


We are the People
By: Elijah Santillanes


America. America. Home of the brave, Land of the free
Come to this so called land of open opportunity
but I have to have green card that spells my name
my identity, my power, my future

You depict my identity and my future
based off a piece of paper
“Border hoppers”, “Illegal aliens”, “why are you here this is our nation”
trapped in our nation by a wall that cannot be destroyed
because our path is torn up and has a road block because of your future


Wake up early to go to work, working hard everyday
the only job you think we work is construction because you think we build your house or do your plumbing
The dream is alive all we have to do is strive
but I’ll be seen as illegal my whole life


Diversity makes us unique we are separate piece by piece
how can we be us when our race, religion, and future are being destroyed
by the censorship
that surrounds us, that separates us


When I’m in a store you think I will steal
because my skin color does not appeal
the school bought clear bags to stop us from bringing guns
just because our skin is darker they think we do it for fun
they wonder why we don’t strive, but you bought the bags not school supplies
I want to Dream but when I start dreaming it’s clear to me the dream is a lie

The dream is alive you say but how can I achieve it anyway
Because I’m trapped in a box of stereotypes.
You come to ask for directions from me and my family,
but when you come to me you speak Spanish but I speak English.
I was born in America the same as you but I’m still different
I can’t keep dreaming if I’m struggling to survive.

At my old school in Golden it was very white and help was not given to a middle school boy who is struggling
because a white boy has more potential since they are two shades lighter.
But you still hate me and despise me although my grades are higher.
I make honor roll and I’m in advanced classes but it doesn’t matter
because a white boy is destined to succeed while you think a Mexican should be making burritos with

Life is just a huge stereotype I can’t stop living because
I can’t live the life I’m focusing on because you depict my future.
It’s like society branded us with a stereotype that we have to live with our whole life.
Inequality is around and we can never be equal—
unless you break down the border that separates us




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    Manual High Poems: We Are The People KGNU News

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