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Make Them Hear You! is a weekly feature on KGNU, produced by Chris Mohr, letting listeners know how they can have their voices heard on issues up before Congress. You can hear it Wednesday mornings at 8.20am during the Morning Magazine.


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Sometimes it’s nice to just thank congresspeople for courageous  stands they have taken. When I call Democratic representatives and senators, they are incredibly happy to hear from me. Here are a few ideas of Republicans you may consider thanking.

Thank Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) for his unequivocal acknowledgement that covert social media interference in American elections by foreign countries, as took place in the 2016 presidential election, is a threat to all Americans and the sacred integrity of free and fair elections. Thank you for your leadership.

Thank Senator  John McCain for his courageous service to our country, and for his principled stands against the excesses of the Trump regime. Thank Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker for their stands against Trump as well. We will miss their principled stands even as we have honest disagreements with their other policies.

Thank Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for working on sentencing reform that has bipartisan support. Fair sentencing benefits low-level nonviolent offenders, taxpayers, and society overall. Thank you for your leadership.

Beyond the legislators, there are countless organizations working tirelessly on issues opposed by the Trump administration. I thank the Brennan Center for Justice in New York for tracking the ongoing threats of voter purging, and clarifying steps each state can take to protect voters. Reliable research helps identify threats and develop tactics to protect voting rights. I appreciate your diligence and commitment to this vital issue.  When the DOJ refused to turn over documents seeking detailed information on states’ voter rolls, the Brennan Center sued. Thank a peace and justice group today.

You may want to thank Donald Trump  on his Twitter feed, if you can find an issue he is advocating for that you support.

Whomever you thank, taking a little time to thank people is a great way to revitalize you before we get active in the contentious fall elections. If there is someone you appreciate, whether a congressperson, an activist, or and organization, make this a week for gratitude.

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    Make Them Hear You! Being Grateful KGNU News

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