Maia Kobabe – award-winning author of “Gender Queer”

Maia Kobabe by Chelsea Kurnick

Award-winning author and illustrator Maia Kobabe is the guest on this week’s Outsources.

Maia’s work focuses in part on gender, sexuality, and queerness. Among other works, Maia is the author of Gender Queer, an award winning memoir that has also been the most challenged book in the United States in recent years. Maia reflects on the relationship between eir writing process and identity, as well as responding to efforts to censor eir work. Maia uses e, em, eir pronouns.

Learn more about Maia Kobabe‘s work. You can also read the Fairy Tail project, based on a poem by the Czech poet and immunologist Miroslav Holub, which was discussed in the program.

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    Maia Kobabe – award-winning author of “Gender Queer” KGNU


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