Los Simbolos de Resistencia

Host: Donnie Betts


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Guest Priscilla Falcon, Ph.D.’s husband was Ricardo Falcon and Ray Luc Levasseur (at one time he was on the FBI’s most wanted list). Ricardo was assassinated by an organizer for George Wallace’s American Independent Party.

May 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the deaths of six Chican@ Movement activists.  They are known as Los Seis de Boulder.  Los Seis de Boulder are, in turn, part of a larger group of Chican@ Movement activists in Colorado all of whom lost their lives as a direct consequence of their activism and advocacy during the Chican@ Movement era.

The Chican@ Movement defined a distinct era in the history of the Mexican nation in terms of its relationship within the United States of North America.  That relationship has been convoluted – an unhealthy mixture of exploited labor, conscripted military service, occupation of the national territory, and a denial of cultural, economic and political rights.  Throughout this relationship there has been documented resistance; our people have not accepted these impositions without a struggle.  Every generation has left its mark of resistance.

A even on May 31, 2014 honored the Symbols of Resistance, document their history and encouraging another generation to continue the struggle.  The event serves to bring together the greatest symbols of resistance of the Chican@ Movement in Colorado; nine persons who gave their lives.  We respect them.  We honor them.  We remember them.  We observe the anniversaries of their deaths.  But most all we thank them!




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