Longmont Startup Week

“It is a week long celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Longmont.”

Jennifer Ferguson, Director of Longmont Startup Week says the goal of the first ever Longmont Start Up Week happening June 1st5th, is to highlight existing and new businesses that are happening in Longmont.

Ferguson says there are several dynamics behind the business growth in Longmont including the newly formed, municipal run, Nexlight broadband is bringing 1 GB broadband to the city, the fastest internet available right now in the country.

Ted Risk, who along with his partner Ryan Wibby is opening Wibby Brewing in downtown Longmont in July, is speaking on a panel on breweries as part of Longmont Startup week. Risk says they were looking at different places in Boulder County to launch their venture but chose Longmont because of the factors like the broadband access but primarily because of the culture of the city, “it’s a city of about 93,000 right now but it feels like a town of about 2,000. Walking down main-street you see smiling faces, same faces everywhere you’re going, and it’s really all about the community.”

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