Longmont Celebrates Pride

Longmont Pride Week wrapped up on Saturday June 22.  Thousands of people celebrated at the festival showing their support for the LGBTQ communities.  Several events occurred including a march.  Colorado State Representative Sonya Jaquez Lewis,  told the crowd that several pieces of legislation passed in the recent session that benefit the LGBTQ community and praised the election of the first openly gay governor (Jared Polis.)

“We passed the most comprehensive bills to ever help the LGBTQ community, we got rid of conversion therapy, it is gone…gone. No more telling our LGBTQ youth that there is something wrong with them, no more of that.”

Jaquez Lewis also mentioned the comprehensive sex education bill that eliminates abstinence only sex ed and includes same sex relationships.  “They’ve got to talk about us, LGBTQ relationships now, you did that!”

photos and audio by Karen Raforth.

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    Longmont Celebrates Pride KGNU News



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    Longmont Celebrates Pride KGNU News

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