Lawsuit Seeks to Block New Trail at Rocky Flats, Former Nuclear Bomb Factory Turned Wildlife Refuge

Aerial view of Rocky Flats (photo credit: US Dept of Energy)

Opponents of a proposed trail through the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons facility filed a federal lawsuit last week.  They want to stop the Rocky Mountain Greenway from coming through the site, which is now called  the Rocky Flats National WIldlife Refuge.  The Greenway is intended to be a continuous trail from Denver up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  The suit accuses several federal agencies of endangering public health through the planned construction and use of the trail.

Rocky Flats made the plutonium triggers for US nuclear weapons from the 1950’s until 1989, when the plant was raided by the FBI and the EPA.  The 5000 acre site was partially cleaned up and renamed a Wildlife Refuge.
We spoke with  Randall Weiner, an attorney representing Physicians for Social Responsibility and six local groups in the lawsuit and with Dr. Deborah Segaloff  from Physicians for Social Responsibility Colorado.   You can listen to the interview below and read the complaint filed last week in federal district cort in Washington DC:
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