Lawsuit against Rocky Mountain Airport and City of Boulder says free speech limits on POP member were justified


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Superior and Boulder County file lawsuit against Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

The Board of County Commissioners for Boulder County, along with the Town of Superior, filed a lawsuit yesterday concerning the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.

They’re asking the owner of the airport, Jefferson County, to decrease air and noise pollution stemming from piston-engine aircrafts at the Airport.

The majority of flight operations at the airport are training flights, which use these types of aircraft.

According to a joint press release by Boulder and Superior, these aircraft are the only ones still using leaded fuel. Training flights commonly include touch-and-go procedures, which are louder than normal flights since the airplanes fly close to the ground without coming to a full stop.

The press release also says both the air and noise pollution affect Superior residents to the point where they can’t open their windows or sleep without being interrupted.

Boulder County Commissioner Ashley Stolzmann said that negotiations with Jefferson County haven’t been fruitful, and the plaintiffs hope that the lawsuit will bring about change.

Boulder Police Oversight Panel lawsuit: City argues free speech limits on panel member were justified in new motion

The City of Boulder is asking a U.S. District Court judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a former member of the Police Oversight Panel.

Lisa Sweeney-Miran filed the lawsuit against the City back in January, after being removed from the Oversight Panel following allegations of bias against the police. She sued on the premise that the City violated her rights to free speech and due process.

According to the City’s motion to dismiss the case, speech by public employees – including volunteers – is less protected. They justify limitations on free speech when individuals performing public service say things that are believed to stand in the way of city operations. The City says Sweeney-Miran’s comments were an obstacle to the Police Oversight Panel functioning effectively.

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Kamala Harris spoke in Denver in support of assault weapons ban

Vice President Kamala Harris visited Denver on Tuesday and spoke about the Biden administration’s plans to ban “assault” weapons.

In her speech at ReelWorks in Denver, she amplified the messages that President Biden mentioned last week in his State of the Union address. She promised to fight for an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, and red-flag laws.

The vice president also promised to improve the path to citizenship for immigrants, protect abortion rights, and increase affordable housing. According to The Denver Post, Biden and Harris only have a national approval rate of 36 and 37%.

Outside of ReelWorks, about 65 pro-Palestinian protesters voiced their dissatisfaction with the U.S. administration’s handling of the situation in the Gaza Strip. Demonstrator Hannah Sims told The Denver Post she especially holds Kamala Harris accountable as a woman of color in power.

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Denver and Boulder provide additional shelter for the snowstorm

Both the City of Denver and the City of Boulder will provide additional shelter ahead of the snowstorm expected to hit tonight.

Denver is opening two severe weather shelters, and the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless will expand its capacity.

The shelters in Denver will be open from 6 p.m. today to 9 a.m. Saturday. They’re located in the McNichols Civic Center Building and the Stone Creek Shelter.

According to The Denver Post, anyone in need can go to either of those locations directly, but people with pets are advised to use the Stone Creek Shelter. The city will also open some rec centers to function as warming sites tomorrow and Friday.

In Boulder, the shelter at 4869 North Broadway will activate its “critical weather” protocols starting today. The City will expand the site’s capacity to about 180 people until Friday at 9:30am. There is also no requirement to be enrolled in the Coordinated Entry program to seek shelter during those times.

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Denver homelessness nonprofit plans to unionize

Employees of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless announced their plan to unionize on Tuesday.

The Coalition says they’re understaffed and that their workers are underpaid. 

Zoey Palmer, a nurse with the Coalition, told Denver7 that the high turnover rates decrease quality of care for the Coalition’s clients. On the topic of low pay rates, Palmer added that some employees even qualify for the same benefits as their clients.

She explained that 30% out of about 800 employees at the Coalition have already joined in the efforts to unionize.

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Snowstorm in the Front Range area

A snowstorm is expected to hit the Front Range today, with about 1 to 3 feet of snowfall in most places between now and Friday.

The National Weather Service predicts about 12 inches for Denver and 16 for Boulder. According to The Denver Post, March is usually Denver’s snowiest month, with an average of 11.5 inches.

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