Laura Flanders Returns to KGNU

Laura Flanders is no stranger to the KGNU airwaves as the former host of Counterspin and regular guest on other news shows from Democracy Now to Economic Update.

“The Laura Flanders show starts the people I think of as the brightest, forward thinkers from the worlds of arts, activism and entrepreneurship. People who have real reality based strategies and models for power shifting change.”

Flanders has for years been covering everything from wars,conflict  and social inequality, but she says after the 2008 recession it became clear to her that the media needed a new approach.  “It became clear to me that we needed to do a whole lot more work, we in the world of journalism, not just lifting up what’s wrong but lifting up models that could provide ideas for ways to do things differently.”

The Laura Flanders Show, formerly GRIT TV has for several years focused on power shifting strategies that have worked in the past or are in the process of being experimented with right now.

“One of the reasons I think it’s important work to do in this moment, in this Trumpean era is because if nothing else, this is a time for bottom up experiments.  We can’t be waiting for solutions to be handed down from on high. And I think all around us when we look, there is less homogeneity and less monopoly in terms of ideas and economy and economic structures than we think, and there’s actually way more experimentation and diversity than we’re even aware of. So, when people talk about THE economy, I say “which economy?” There are lots of them in the United States right now, just some of them never make it into the news, and we try to put them front and center on the Laura Flanders Show, and I’m just so excited to be coming back to KGNU on Fridays.”


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    Laura Flanders Returns to KGNU KGNU News


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    Laura Flanders Returns to KGNU KGNU News

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